Available by Phil Groves / Sewer 911 is excited to share that we offer the ALARM to install and maintain.

Mainline fullport backwater valve – alarm

Mainline fullport backwater valve – Allowing for emergency response!

Reliable stainless steel float sensor technology (detects a back up quickly as water backs up and float sensor is activated sounding the alarm). The 110 dB alarm can be heard throughout your building – reliable solid state circuitry – 9-volt battery sounds alarm for up to 3 days and comes with a 6-ft cord.

Cleanout with sensor replaces any existing clean-out – place alarm in desirable location (extend wires if necessary).

Mainline fullport backwater valve parts

Phil Groves has years of experience with assisting in providing, installing and maintaining that has saved many from “deeper” issues and problems. Nobody wants the costs and pain of dealing with backwater!

Call Phil Groves today to get an estimate and find out how this ALARM can save you massive costs and damages